Ray Romano Special 2019 Right Here, Around the Corner

Right Here, Around the Corner

My first published review in English – Ray Romano’s special 2019!

Start of the comedy year was very excellent because Ray Romano’s special make an atmosphere by his jokes. No reason to be unhappy. This comedy is very convenient for natural domestic atmosphere. Romano is like a good example of sympathetic, peaceful, chummy older friend, who knows all about vitality.

Do you remember his sitcom ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ ?

It’s a special for family. Romano was so cute and melancholic that spectators could feel only friendly emotions. Comic for good quality bar that appropriate all of class of people. Romano isn’t a star. You can notice that there is no pomposity in his walkings between comedy stores, talkings with people on the streets and suddenness of his appearance.

There is no surprise why Netflix make this show. It best way for their strategy.

There are two parts of special in two places – Comedy Cellar and his branch – The Village Underground. Movings between places captured by following cameras, which relocated in front of comedian. The first part, Comedy Cellar part, was about memories and jokes about different ages. Ray finds how necessary to have a friend who will be a doctor, regrets about troubles on a bachelor party and irritates by disconnected phone calls. The part in the Village Underground dedicated to his family – a long life with his wife, abilities, achievements, and process of growing his children. Life experience spreads on the whole special with soft personal impression. Romano doesn’t try attack target of his jokes. Silly things, silly behaviour, silly habits and ideas – it’s his policy. 

Special finish like a most family serials – Romano goes out from the comedy club, surrounded by relatives, and going to the pizza.

Love must occupy all of your crannies in soul.


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